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Trend Design & Build is a premier turnkey company with over 25 years of expertise in transforming unused attics and loft spaces into elegant and practical bedrooms, offices, and various other rooms, especially serving the Cheshire area. Our foremost objective is to deliver a superior service that not only enhances the value and functionality of your Cheshire home but also creates a space that will be a source of pride for many years.

The benefits of converting an underused attic into a functional loft room in Cheshire are numerous. It provides additional storage space, a new office, a bedroom, or could even be transformed into a charming nursery or playroom. Particularly in Cheshire, converting a loft into an extra living space is likely to increase your property’s value by approximately 10-20%, making it a wise investment should you decide to sell in the future.

The Process

A loft conversion essentially adds storey to your Cheshire home, and our expert designers excel at transforming old, dark, cramped attics into expansive, well-lit living spaces. When embarking on a loft conversion in Cheshire, the design possibilities are boundless, especially with the option to add new windows to your roof, which brings numerous benefits, particularly during the summer months.

The process is straightforward, too. To begin, we’ll develop an architectural plan specifically tailored to your Cheshire home’s loft conversion, providing a clear roadmap for the entire project. Following this, our loft conversion specialists will focus on establishing the structural foundations for the new floor and wall systems in the loft. This includes handling all necessary wiring, plumbing, and other electrical installations. They’ll also ensure the installation of new insulation between the floorboards and the walls, keeping your new space energy-efficient. Remarkably, all this work is carried out without necessitating any structural changes to the existing structure of your Cheshire home.

After laying the foundation, our professionals will meticulously craft your Cheshire loft space, incorporating tailor-made steps and doors that seamlessly integrate with the new area. We offer a choice of PVCu or metal for the ventilation systems in loft conversions, catering to your preference. Moreover, loft conversions in Cheshire often feature skylights, which can be fully customised to enhance natural light, providing limitless options for your extension.

There’s no need for prior experience or understanding of building work, nor any preparation of your Cheshire home for the commencement of the building work – our team handles it all. With over 25 years of experience in loft conversions, we are adept at adding extra floor space to properties in Cheshire. If you’re considering a loft extension and require a price estimate or advice on the potential additional space for your property, please contact us. You may be pleasantly surprised by the significant value a loft extension can add to your Cheshire property.

We stand by our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction, exceptional craftsmanship, and maintaining high standards throughout each project we undertake in Cheshire.

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